Awards and Honorees

Giraffe Award:

Given to a community leader who has stuck her/his neck out for their leadership in important issues.

2008: Nanci Kreidman
2009: Annelle Amaral
2011: Planned Parenthood of Hawaii
2012: Jill Nunokawa
2013: Representatives Della Au Belatti & Karl Rhoads
2015: Hawaii’s Reproductive Rights Doctors


Recognizes a person, who has fought for women’s rights within their respective field, occupation, or community.

2007: Congresswoman Mazie Hirono and Senator Jill Tokuda
2008: Senate President Colleen Hanabusa
2009: Congressman Neil Abercrombie
2010: Amy Agbayani
2011: Abercrombie Administration Women Appointees
2012: Louise Ing
2013: Senator Roz Baker
2014: Senator Mazie Hirono
2015: ILWU Local 142

JEM Award:

Named in honor of Jeanette E. Matsumoto, who dedicated her life to being a servant leader behind the scenes.

2012: Jeanette E. Matsumoto
2013: Joy Kobayashi
2014: Peggy Egan
2015: Jadine Nielsen